Centrally Distributed from c++ to fixed-income markets, and everything in between

About the Blog

Hey there! Almost didn’t see you. My name is Kevin and welcome to Centrally Distributed.

If you haven’t already guessed from the title, Centrally Distributed is a personal blog centered (bad pun intended) around C++ programming, quant methods, and fixed-income markets. Although from time to time, you might see a few hobby posts tossed in, just to prove that I’m not a robot (or is that what a robot would say?).

Part of me wishes that I took more data science related courses during university, but thanks to MOOCs and many great online resources, learning doesn’t have to be confined to academic campuses anymore. The primary goal of this blog is push myself to commit understandings in writing, and to think critically about the topic of each post. Maybe at the same time, to educate any reader who happens to stumble here.

About the Author

Still here? This doesn’t happen too often. Sure, I’ll tell you a bit about myself. I grew up in Toronto, Canada, and graduated from University of Waterloo’s computer science program. During the day, I’m a quant developer for a financial instituion, writing automated market-making strategies for rates products. During the night, I like to … is it me, or this is turning into a dating profile write-up?

Alright, just kidding. As for hobbies, just general outdoor activities, either by waiting for the next powder day, training for the next marathon, or simply cycling up’n down coastal parks. All the while, trying to listen to a few casts like Planet Money, Radiolab, or the latest curation from Audible.

Want to get in touch? You can drop me a message at kevinyuan555 (little mice sign) gmail (bloop) com. Until then, have a browse, make yourself feel at home.